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Application of Lighting Industry

  • Release time:2019-06-26

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Since 2016, incandescent lamps have been phased out worldwide, and LED has become the mainstream lighting source. Now more and more people are entering the lives of ordinary people. The sales of LED will develop rapidly in recent years. In order to provide technical references for all LED engineers and produce cheap LED products, the capacitance of LED lamp is the key component,Special description is as follows:

First of all, the capacitance requirements of LED are as follows:

1. Require small capacitor volume;

2. The product has good temperature resistance.

3. Long life;

4. High reliability.

In view of this, the following are illustrated in various typical LED circuits: capacitive step-down LED circuit, which is suitable for low-power LED, such as LED bulb lamp, this circuit should pay attention to capacitive capacity attenuation and explosion lie problems.

The electrolytic capacitor will reduce its capacity because the electrolyte is an organic substance, which will deteriorate and dry up. The thin film capacitor will also occur after a period of time. The metal electrodes of the capacitor will decompose chemically, the electrodes will become smaller, and the capacity will naturally become smaller. If the ordinary filter capacitor has capacity attenuation, the electronic equipment can work, but if the resistance capacitor voltage-reducing capacitance becomes smaller, the supply current will appear. Decline, resulting in batch failure of equipment, now many manufacturers using this resistance-capacitance buck design have batch failure.

Secondly, the cause of capacitance burst is analyzed. In addition to the polar capacitor reversal, the capacitor burst also has insufficient voltage withstanding, which may be due to two reasons:

a. The capacitor itself has a low withstand voltage. Because many customers now require very small capacitor size to meet their design requirements, which will lead to lower capacitor withstand voltage. In addition, the manufacturer will elevate the voltage.

b. In circuit design, if the temperature is too high, the rated voltage of capacitor will be reduced. Secondly, the peak voltage of the circuit will exceed the capacitance limit.

On the basis of the continuous expansion of the output scale of LED lighting products, the application prospects of film capacitor industry in China are more and more broad, and its application will continue to increase under the driving of LED lighting.

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