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2018 company team's trip to Sui Lao Wan, Huizhou

  • Release time:2019-08-03

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On July 28, 2018, the company organized all the staff to visit Suiliao Bay in Huizhou.

Situated on the Bank of Daya Bay in Huidong County, Shanliao is situated near the mountains and the sea, with elegant environment. Half-moon beach with fine white sand for more than 10 miles. The flat shallow water with a depth of more than 1 metre is more than 200 metres wide. It is a good natural sea bathing place. The islands on the sea are like the Qiongge Pavilion in Xianshan. The strange and thoughtful rocks everywhere in Shanliao are rich in the scenery of the corners of the sea and the ends of the earth. Mozi Stone, in particular, is a large stone mill built by heaven and earth. Two huge stones weighing up to 100 tons overlap each other. Next to it, there are a variety of unusual shapes of stones. Like rice and stone, there are magic axes and magic skills. It is a typical representative of the Lao Stone landscape.





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