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Why do capacitors leak oil?

  • Release time:2019-06-27

  • Responsible Editor of Website:Chengdong Electronic Editorial Department

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For capacitors, there are many reasons for oil leakage. There are several main points:

1. Cracks occur in flange welding due to improper handling method or lifting of ceramic sleeve.

2. When wiring, excessive screw-tightening force causes damage to the weld of the porcelain sleeve.

3. Some defects in the process of product manufacturing;

4. After the capacitor is put into operation, because of the drastic temperature change, the increase of internal pressure will make the leakage and oil leakage more serious.

Although more common, but also can not be ignored, sometimes a small fault is easy to cause major problems. The consequence of capacitor leakage is that the impregnating agent is reduced, and the upper part of the element is easily damped and broken down, which causes the capacitor to be damaged. Therefore, we must deal with it in time.

The solutions are as follows:

a. When installing capacitors, it is better to connect each capacitor with a separate soft wire instead of a hard bus, so as to prevent the damage of capacitor bushing caused by assembly stress and oil leakage caused by sealing damage.

b. When handling capacitors, they should be placed upright, and it is strictly forbidden to take the sleeve. When wiring, the screw should not be too hard and the sleeve should be protected.

c. Oil seepage at the weld seam of capacitor case and casing can be removed from rust, and then repaired with tin solder. When repairing the weld seam of casing, caution should be taken that the soldering iron should not be overheated to avoid the silver layer falling off. After repairing, paint should be applied. Capacitors should be replaced if leakage and oil leakage are serious.

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