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China's capacitor market is expected to reach 13.84 billion by 2020

  • Release time:2019-06-19

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It is understood that on January 6, 2018, the "China Supercapacitor Industry Annual Conference and Application Exhibition" was held in Tianjin. At the meeting, the Secretary-General of the Supercapacitor Industry Alliance told China Electric Power Daily: "Supercapacitors have the advantages of fast charging, high power, long cycle life, strong temperature adaptability, environmental protection and pollution-free. With the further development of the application market, we We firmly believe that supercapacitors will become an important member of the energy storage family.

Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and batteries. Its mechanism is physical energy storage. The device does not heat up. It has the advantages of high power, long life and good safety, and can not be replaced in many applications. Its application fields mainly include backup power supply, replacement power supply or main power supply of small power electronic equipment; power supply of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle; renewable energy generation and energy storage, instantaneous power compensation; energy buffer of frequency conversion drive system; military equipment and so on.

Researcher of PLA Institute of Chemical Protection and Consultant of China Super Capacitor Industry Alliance pointed out in the industry report that there are about 20 core supercapacitor enterprises in China at present. It is estimated that by 2020, China's supercapacitor market will be about 13.84 billion yuan. Compared with 2012, the price of 3000F devices has dropped by 80%, indicating a rapidly expanding market.

Compared with the European and American markets, China is the first country to establish a supercapacitor industry alliance, and has become the largest market for supercapacitors. In recent years, the rapid development of wind power in China has provided a great use for supercapacitors, which are the best choice for windmill startup and slurry system. At the same time, with the development of shipping industry in China, more and more supercapacitors are used in the mechanical system of port container dispatching.

Although the development speed of supercapacitor industry is much slower than that of battery industry, it has witnessed the development of supercapacitor in the years of contacting supercapacitor. The industry needs to have a clear understanding. Continuing efforts, overcoming difficulties and continuing innovation will surely usher in bright prospects.

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