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Your location:Home pageProduct Center

Product • Details


Available temperature upper limit:110℃


Excellent longterm stability under tough environmental conditions, such as high ambient temperature and high humidity;

Self-healing property

Inaccordance with UL, CSA, ENEC, CQC safety regulations

Test condition:85℃/ 85%,240Vac,Tol <10%,1000hrs

305Vac / 630Vdc

Recommended Application:

All applications with high demand on excellent longterm stability, such as: Power meters,Capacitive power supply applications,Outdoor applications,Automotive electronics,For connection in series with the mains.

Product • Characteristic


  • Reliable Flame Retardant Performance

    Metallized film as dielectric and electrode, encapsulated with insulating material

  • Strong self-healing ability

    Excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance

  • High insulation impedance

    Anti-impact and anti-pressure, instantaneous bending without bursting, can withstand the rolling of trucks without bursting.

  • Low High Frequency Loss

    Under normal working conditions, service life of more than ten years can be achieved.

  • High Pressure Resistance

    It can withstand voltage above rated voltage and resist high current impulse.

  • Internal temperature rise is small

    Excellent Insulative Flame Retardant Performance

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