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Main materials of self-healing shunt capacitors

  • Release time:2019-06-19

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The main materials used for self-healing shunt capacitors are as follows:

a .Metallized film

A special polypropylene film with corona treatment on the surface of 5-12 micron thickness was used as the base film. The metal layer of 0.02-0.05 micron thickness was evaporated on the vacuum coating machine and processed into a metallized film. The metals can be aluminium, zinc, silver or their composite coatings.The allowable storage time of aluminium metallized film is longer, but the annual loss rate of capacitance is higher during operation, while that of zinc metallized film is just the opposite.The properties of Al-Zn composite metallized film are better. The results show that the properties of aluminium are better when the mass fraction of aluminium is 2%~10%. The element is rolled up by two layers of metallized film, the base film of the metallized film is the dielectric and the metal layer is the plate.

b .Metal Spray Plating Material

For different metal coatings, zinc, tin, lead, antimony and other materials or their alloys are sprayed on the two ends of the element in the melting state as the lead-out end of the metal layer electrode.

c .Resin

Epoxy resin and polyurethane are commonly used as sealing materials at the end of components or capacitors.

d .Vegetable oil

Rapeseed oil is commonly used as an impregnating agent.

e. Paraffin wax

It is used as filling and sealing material in capacitors.

f. Inert gas

Used as insulation and heat conduction medium in capacitors requiring restart.

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