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Market Analysis of Smart Capacitors in 2019

  • Release time:2019-06-27

  • Responsible Editor of Website:Chengdong Electronic Editorial Department

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At present, the current situation of capacitor industry is as follows:

Capacitors play the role of filtering, coupling, DC isolation and energy storage in the circuit. They are widely used in various household appliances, computers, mobile communications, automotive electronics, smart grid, aerospace, rail transit and other fields. They are one of the indispensable main components of electronic equipment.The capacitor industry has earnestly implemented various policies and policies of the Party and the state, and has made great achievements in industrial structure, industrial scale, economic benefit, technological level and export earning foreign exchange. It has become an industry system with complete professional categories and basic matching varieties and specifications, a major producer and exporter of capacitors in the world, and a modernization of national economy and national defence. The construction has made great contributions.In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic information technology, the replacement of digital electronic products is faster and faster. The production and sales of consumer electronic products, mainly flat panel television (LCD and PDP), notebook computers, digital cameras and other products, continue to grow, driving the growth of capacitor industry.At present, China is gradually becoming the main production base of capacitors and the main undertaking grounding of industrial transfer in the world, and its capacity has been rapidly expanded.As a result, China has become a major producer and consumer of capacitors in the world.Since the reform and opening up, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of China have turned capacitor manufacturing industry to the mainland of China. The world electronic information machine manufacturing industry has set up factories in the mainland of China. Multinational companies have purchased capacitors in the mainland of China. The capacitors required for the production of the whole machine in the domestic market have increased considerably. China has increasingly become an important market for global capacitor consumption. In addition, the application of capacitors is also expanding, and the capacitor industry will have a larger development space in the next few years.

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